Visualizing the Eclipse Bug Data



We have created a simple treemap visualization of the Saarland University Eclipse bug data. For details on the dataset, please visit their website.

Each rectangle represents one file in the project source. The rectangles are grouped according to the Java package hierarchy. The size of each rectangle indicates the relative amount of bugs associated with the file, both pre- and post-release. This is an indicator of the activity occurring in debugging. The color of each rectangle indicates the percentage change in the amount of bugs appearing before and after release. Green means a file has less bugs after the release and red means a file has more. In the 'absolute number of post-release bugs' visualizations, the orange color indicates the total amount of bugs reported after release. Mousing-over the treemap gives details about each file.

It is interesting to compare package stability within a single release, as well as the overall bugginess trend between releases.


Visualization programming by Michael Ogawa
University of California, Davis
Advisors: Kwan-Liu Ma & Zhendong Su

Inspired by Martin Wattenberg's Map of the Market

Dataset by Adrian Schroeter, Thomas Zimmermann, Rahul Premraj, and Andreas Zeller
Saarland University
Available at

Use of this visualization is intended for educational purposes only.


Please email comments and suggestions to Michael Ogawa: msogawa(at)

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